What is a Disciple?

All Christians are commanded to “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19-20)! All Christians are by definition “disciples” describing a person who is a follower of Christ and a student of His teachings and example. They “abide” in a very close and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ (John 15:5). They listen to […]

How are Christians to view death?

This question comes from a man who is facing the last days of his life due to cancer. As I visited him at home while he was waiting for the Hospice nurse to arrive, he told me that he had been having some feelings of anxiety in anticipation about the end of life. I knew […]

What does it mean to be a Christian?

Lots of people ask this question in one way or another. Sometimes Christians don’t always provide the best example of what they say they are and what they believe. So, it begs the question, what does it mean to be a Christian? One thing for sure is that Christians are not perfect, but they are […]

Does the Bible allow an Evolutionary interpretation?

The answer is NO. Several years ago, I attempted to answer the above question that was sent to me in an email. I replied with three primary reasons that affirm a negative conclusion. Recently, I received the same basic question from a follower in the great state of Idaho. My answer this time reflects some […]

What is our definition of Discipleship?

We will define discipleship the way Jesus did. From the four ‘Gospels’, we find five vital traits that describe a disciple of Christ, a person who would listen to Jesus, learn from Jesus following His teaching, make more disciples, love like Jesus, and remain relationally connected to Jesus all the days of their life:  “Follow […]

J3 Discipleship

J3 Discipleship

Our first series of blogs will introduce you to J3 Discipleship. Please use the Ask Pastor D feature on the right to request clarification on any question you may have. The J3 Primer is available as a free download. You will find the verses referenced at the bottom of each blog. The name “J3” (J […]

Homeless Ministry

Chaplain to the Homeless Mark Sands Story of God’s Love “I’m out here loving on you because God loved me first. The Lord has gotten me through many tough times and I’m here to give back and share His love.” That is how many conversations with homeless on the streets and in the parks of Phoenix […]