Get to know Heart to Heart Christian Chaplains

In the coming months I will be sharing the lives of our Heart 2 Heart Christian Chaplains with you. Please pray for each of our Chaplains as they serve the Lord!

Hello my name is Christopher Valeri and I completed the Heart to Heart Christian Chaplaincy certification program and graduated on 08/2021. Each of the three training modules strengthened different aspects of my overall understanding of what it means to be a disciple of Christ both theologically and practically in application. The highly practical nature of the material in the training modules is what stood out to me the most by the end of the thirty-six weeks of class. After all, what good is all the learning, training, and growth that occurred if it’s not applied purposely for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ?

I am reminded from Scripture that “Faith without works is dead” and thus, I am committed to represent Christ in every area of my life. My Christian Chaplaincy training is certainly helping me produce “fruit” in keeping with my faith! Personally, I’ve found my walk with Christ to pick-up speed in three primary ways outside of my Christian vows as a husband and father, which has also benefited greatly since it is my most important ministry:

  1. Being a consistent presence as a Chaplain in the children’s ministry at The Trinity Church. I’ve been volunteering there for several years already but by using the theological framework/foundation from Module #1’s chaplaincy training I’m more intentional with my teaching points from the weekly lessons I teach and following up with the kids concerning their understanding as well as their application of what has been taught each Sunday.
  1. Being better equipped in my role as a table leader at the Real Men ministry. I have been able to use various aspects of my Pastoral Care training from Module #2 in building a sustainable process to develop and maintain relationships with the men at my table by being a responsible and trustworthy resource for them so they can better wrestle with areas of sin in their lives as they grow as disciples following God’s will in becoming disciple-makers themselves.
  1. Using the Ministry Leadership training material in Module #3 along with Pastoral Care instruction from Module #2, I have been able to design and implement a “Men’s Care” addition to the Trinity Cares resources. Along with several other men called to better serve the needs of men and pastors on staff, we’ve developed a way for table leads at Real Men to pivot the more severe service/counseling needs of men at their table whose needs are outside the scope of what they’re equipped to do. Not only does this program seek to identify and get the ball rolling for help, but the overall goal is to develop ongoing relationships with these men to encourage their growth personally in order to help others along the way in areas where they’ve grown.

Overall the Heart to Heart Christian Chaplaincy program feels like it has raised the level of my understanding of what it means to practically live out being a disciple of Jesus Christ. It was a labor of love from all parties involved and 100% worth it. I’m grateful for where the program has brought me so far and pray that the power of the Holy Spirit continue to work in me, for me, and through me.

Christopher Valeri

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