Welcome and thank you for your interest in Men Coaching Men Discipleship Ministry!


In 1994 God called me to begin a ministry for men which now reaches out to thousands of men and their families.  The purpose was to help men become devoted followers of Christ Jesus as His disciples.


Today, MCM has become one of the largest and most successful ministries to men in Arizona with hundreds of men attending weekly programs and impacted directly through our yearly conferences, retreats, seminars and one-to-one coaching.


Again, thank you for you interest in MCM and taking the time to get to know us.  I pray the Lord’s blessings on you and your family!



Pastor Darien Bennett
Founder of MCM


Darien Bennett, the oldest of six children, Darien was raised in Santa Clara, CA by a hard-nosed coach/engineer father and a soft-hearted, compassionate mom. From early childhood, he competed in football, baseball, and boxing in high school and college until serious knee injuries derailed his professional aspirations. He retired from IBM after 23 years as a manager, systems analyst, auditor and marketing representative. Upon retiring in 1993 he focused on coaching, sports training and instructing Shotokan Karate.


Before receiving Christ, his story was mostly one of regret and destruction. With his personal life spiraling out of control, he found himself at the crossroads of life. Divorced, depressed, and discouraged, he felt lost and alienated from life. But then a miracle happened. “If God had not sent a man to come alongside me at that time I am sure I would have ended up killing myself or someone else.”


Darien received the gospel of Christ for salvation and his life began to change dramatically! He started ministry to me called “As Iron Sharpens Iron” in 1994—now renamed “Men Coaching Men.” In 1998, he became the Executive Director of a teenage substance-abuse rehabilitation program which led to a full-time calling to ministry. He has a Masters-Divinity in Biblical Leadership from Phoenix Seminary and is currently Men’s Pastor at The Trinity Church.


He is married to the love of his life, Kellie and has two grown adult children and three beloved grandchildren. He is passionate about studying and teaching God’s Word. He loves to fly-fish, which he tries to do as much as God will allow. But mostly, he is devoted to helping hurting men just like someone did for him many years ago!



Our vision is for every man in the world to know Christ as the way, and as the truth, so that they receive Him as life.


  • We begin with every man in the local church coaching them to learn what is right  (God’s Word) so that they can do what is right (God’s will) because it is right (for God’s glory)
  • We intend to position ourselves as prime leaders within the field of ministry to men and their families.
  • We strive to coach men to do the right thing the right way for the right reasons so that our men will be highly effective as servant-leaders in all areas of life and particularly as husbands, fathers, sons, brothers and lovers of God and neighbors.
  • We will provide a sustainable Christ-centered and Gospel-saturated discipleship (J³ Model) to the body of Christ.
  • We will conduct and be featured speakers at Conferences, Retreats and Seminars on the “Uncommon Heart of Leadership” within a man’s home, his workplace, and his service in the local community church.





Our mission is to see men in our churches discipled in such a way that they are relationally connected, biblically coached-up, and prepared to contribute to the body of Christ.  As we have in the past we continue to coach men to be spiritual leaders at home, the marketplace, in the church community and world at large.


  • Our main desire is to lead men to Christ and disciple them toward maturity in Christ so that they develop spiritually and become leaders in their sphere of influence.
  • We will provide discipleship media designed to assist others in coaching men along the pathway from becoming a disciple Christ to disciple-maker.
  • We will develop and produce interactive discipleship tools and content via online and mobile access platforms.
  • Our specialized training includes advanced instruction for small group leadership, theological studies, Bible study concepts, ministry leadership, and all areas of pastoral ministry with certification training for Christian Chaplains.

Introduction to MCM


Men Coaching Men Discipleship Ministry is a 501(c)(3) non-profit Christian ministry developed by men for men with the purpose of helping men become devoted followers of Christ as His disciples.  we have become one of the largest and most successful ministries to men in Arizona with over 250 men attending weekly in our programs and over 800 men impacted directly through our yearly conferences, retreats, and seminars.


Incorporated in 1994 as Soli Deo Gloria, the ministry (started with three me) was dba AISI (As Iron Sharpens Iron) under the leadership of its founder, Pastor Darien Bennett.  In 2013, the name was changed to Men Coaching Men Discipleship Ministry (MCM) to clarify the intended vision and focus of the ministry.  The ministry has grown to include men from various denominations as well as men and their churches from several states.

We have always valued God’s Word as the primary tool for learning the what, why, and how of living.  We believe that as disciples of Christ, His men are the principal instrument in the Redeemer’s hand for helping hurting men and their families.
For over twenty years, our key focus has been to “Connect” men in order to “Coach-up” men so that they will “Contribute” as Christ’s representatives at home, in the marketplace, in the local church community and the world at large.
MCM is currently overseen by a four member board of directors and has contracted one person to be the Executive Director, responsible for overall operations.  We anticipate further personnel requirements as we continue to grow in attendance and the impact that we are having outside of our weekly programs.



There are many reasons why this ministry is badly needed.  The overall reason is what is called “the God reason” and is laid out for us in God’s Word   which directs us to His will to which we are called to observe for His glory.  Others call it “the masculine mandate” found in Genesis 1:28 and reissued by Jesus to His disciples in Matthew 28:19-20.  In these two teachings from the mouth of God, men find the keys to life the way that God intended it to be pursued, managed, reproduced, and lived out in relation to Him and all others.  What is missing in the culture and society, including the Christian church, is this masculine mandate.



How does MCM make a difference?

Sin in our world affects every man and by association, every family on the face of the earth.  We lead men to understand that Jesus is the way to truth and life.  We provide a structured format that teaches men  God’s will, using God’s Word for the purpose of God’s glory.



How does MCM respond?

We coach men to be devoted to a way of love and respect that produces men who are faithful husbands, tenderhearted fathers, responsible employers, diligent employees, and servant-leaders.  The moral breakdown in society has reached proportions unknown since the decadence of the Greek and Roman empires.  Current divorce rates in America have topped the 60% mark within the first three years of marriage.  Of men who were married between 1970 and 2010, just 39.6% have remained married.  Arizona is listed in the top ten states when it comes to the highest divorce rates in America.



What impact does MCM have on this problem?

It is estimated by the U.S. Bureau of Census that of the 78 million children in America under the age of eighteen, 37% willl go to bed tonight in a home without a biological father.  We are living in an ever-increasing fatherless society.  This issue is not without severe collateral damage.  Note for example that children in female-headed families are five times more likely to live in poverty, repeat a grade, drop-out of school before graduation, and have emotional problems compared to families where a father is present.  MCM marriage and family leaders provide highly effective coaching for troubled marriages and families.  Our leaders are trained to provide pastoral level mentoring and coaching for all types of marriage crises.  Our training also includes pre-marriage reviews and advice.



How does MCM make a difference?

Men are Biblically coached-up as to the true nature of manhood according to Jesus Christ.  They are taught to be dedicated to the truth about how God has designed men to love women and and vice versa.  We prescribe the work of the Holy Spirit in setting people free from the bondage of their addictions and design mentoring relations to help establish a lasting sobriety as well as a renewed mind for honorable living.  Current nationwide statistics on domestic violence site that eight out of every ten calls for police assistance are due to issues involving domestic violence.  The issues surrounding alcohol and drug abuse only add to the dilemma of family violence within our communities.  Ninety percent of domestic violence calls include children in the homes.



Our culture in America sees men generally as a problem and masculinity as the culprit.  Hence, the rise of radical feminism and the legitimacy of homosexuality.  When women become the spiritual leaders of the family, only a third of their children will remain connected to the Christian faith.  Women make for wonderful mothers but they cannot be loving fathers.  God has reserved fatherhood for a man.  The loss of identity produces a profound sense of loneliness and emptiness.  Men who feel disconnected tend to stay disconnected.  Women will try to fill the void, but seldom will it be productive and fruitful.  Men need relationships with other men with whom they can be open and honest.  A Promise Keeper survey found that 75% of the men surveyed said that they do not share their feelings with anyone!  90% of those surveyed have no accountability process for living!  It is no wonder that our society is suffering.

How does MCM intercede into this growing issue?

We coach men to understand that God’s plan for men is to find their identity in Christ.  From Christ we receive a divine and eternal purpose, extreme value, and lasting significance.  So we teach men to go all-in to Christ, to abide in Him and bear fruit that lasts.  They learn to live a life disciplined by the new life of Christ given to them.  We call men to Christ and use their circumstances as divine teachable moments.



Men are wired by God with a driving need to matter in the big picture, whether it is at home, in the workplace, at church (men generally represent less than 34% of the total attendees on average Sunday morning) or in the world community.  Men need a cause greater than themselves, something that is good at its core and has within it, lasting value.  Men need a hero to follow and to go to battle with.  Men need coaching to start strong and finish well.  Men are designed by God to be noble and honorable, not self-centered mongrels.  Men do not fail on purpose any more than they set out to become dead-beat dads.  They don’t become addicts or perverts of sexuality on purpose.  They lack godly guidance and appropriate models of reasonable, rational, and responsible thinking and behavior.

How does MCM discipleship ministry affect these issues?

First, Jesus is “the light of the world.”  He alone is the ultimate way to a fulfilled life that matters.  Second, He alone is the source of all truth.  He is the foundation and motivation for living a life greater than oneself.  His example instills a divine desire to lead, protect, and provide for their families and to fight for justice, especially for those who can’t defend themselves.  MCM models and coaches the way, the truth, and the life delivered by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.



In what ways does MCM respond?

One of the most significant declines in the modern era of our American culture has been the rapid erosion of the value and honor of being a man.  As a result, men defer the Biblical mandate of headship in the family to the wife or to their girlfriend.  This transfer of leadership responsibility to women has left women to teach our children not only at home, but at school and in the church.  This has left a huge leadership development void for our young men.  The solution to decline
is Christian discipleship.  MCM mentors are trained to disciple young men so that they not only learn the Word of God, but also how to conduct themselves as a man of God.  We encourage young men to teach, to be committed and surrendered to the Lord Jesus Christ.  He lives in God’s will for God’s glory.  This is the kind of leader that MCM builds-up and sends out.  They are highly equipped young men for the cause of Christ.  They will be difference-makers at home, at work, and in their local churches and the world at large.



The following short-list of issues that men face underscores the challenges before our men today and offers more reasons to support the MCM discipleship ministry.  Our discipleship process provides the equipping that uses these issues as opportunities to reach hurting men and offer the kind of help that is rarely available from a man’s perspective:

  • Searching for Significance
  • Loss of Parents
  • Loneliness
  • A Lack of Purpose
  • Addictions
  • Lack of Achievement
  • Broken Relationships
  • Loss of Reputation
  • Marriage & Remarriage
  • Loss of Employment
  • Divorce & Seperation
  • Loss of a Loved-One
  • Moral Failure
  • Financial Failure
  • Aging Parents
  • Identity Struggles
  • Parenting
  • Emptiness
  • Severe Illness
  • Failure
  • Fear
  • New Job
  • Anxiety
  • Singleness

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