The Primer is a FREE introduction to J3 Discipleship. It is a foundational program designed to provide everyone with the spiritual foundation they need to be the men and women God designed us to be. It helps them to be more Christ-like in their daily living.

The Primer addresses twelve fundamental questions:

#1 – Is there one true God?

#2 – Can the Bible be trusted as the Word of God?

#3 – What are Christians to believe about the Trinity?

#4 – What is the relationship between the first man, Adam, and all the people who have followed?  

#5- How did Satan become Satan?

#6- What must we know about Jesus Christ?  

#7- Is Jesus the Only Way of Salvation?  

#8- Is there any proof for the Resurrection of Jesus?

#9- What is Christian Conversion/Justification?

#10 – What is Sanctification?

#11 – What is the Grace of God?    

#12 – What is Faith to a Christian?

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