What is a Disciple?

All Christians are commanded to “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19-20)! All Christians are by definition “disciples” describing a person who is a follower of Christ and a student of His teachings and example. They “abide” in a very close and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ

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What is our definition of Discipleship?

We will define discipleship the way Jesus did. From the four ‘Gospels’, we find five vital traits that describe a disciple of Christ, a person who would listen to Jesus, learn from Jesus following His teaching, make more disciples, love like Jesus, and remain relationally connected to Jesus all the

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J3 Discipleship
J3 Discipleship

J3 Discipleship

Our first series of blogs will introduce you to J3 Discipleship. Please use the Ask Pastor D feature on the right to request clarification on any question you may have. The J3 Primer is available as a free download. You will find the verses referenced at the bottom of each

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